I, like others, have made every effort I can afford to attain and develop varieties of these snakes that have charmed me.  There are a few snakes here that may only exist in a few other collections.  I'm very proud of my collection and spend countless hours with them giving them the very best care and attention.  I think you'll agree, these guys are some of the best around.

Ball Pythons

I hope you enjoy coming back and again to have a look at my diverse collection of ball pythons.  If you can imagine all the combos that are possible with these guys, I am dreaming it too and many will come true each year.  If something here interests you, please contact me.  Thanks for looking!  Tom


My milk snake interests have become quite narrow.  Only three species are in my collection now, and that is enough for me.  Hypo is the theme here!

Western Hognose

When I saw the first Lavender, I was immediately attracted to the hoggies.  I now am working with several varieties; Lavender, Albino, Anery, Anaconda and most combos of these morphs.