Tom Harbin Reptiles is a hobby for me, not a business.  I keep these snakes you see here 'cause I love them, not to make money.  My snakes have moved with me throughout my life.  When I left my home in Mobile, AL,  they went to Auburn University with me.  I spent 9 great years and received two great things there; my wife Sarah, and my DVM degree from Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine.   

When Sarah and I married in 1974, the snakes moved in with us.  When we left Auburn, of course, the snakes came with us to Manchester, Tenn, where we have lived since 1979.  Over the years, like most, my interests have changed.  For the last 7 years or so, I have pursued with a passion, the many morphs and varieties of the Ball Python.  As you see here, I have a renewed interest in the Brazilian Rainbow Boas and 3 species of milk snakes.  I enjoy helping people when they run into medical/husbandry problems with their snakes and enjoy sharing what experience I have gained over the years.  Most of all, I have made many new friends all over this world through our passions for these reptiles.